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What is the difference between Economy, Multi-domain and Reseller plans?
Our Multi-Domain Plans allow you to host unlimited domains and Economy Plans just allow one domain. You will only have one control panel, but your domains will appear to be seperate. We offer multi-domain by using Cpanel add-on domain feature. Basically an add-on domain parks on a subdomain and has its own e-mail features so is equal to Multi-Domain Plans allow you to host unlimited domain on one account. However neither will give the 2nd domain any different resource than the main account.

If you want clearer and more distinct lines drawn between the domains, reseller plans will be a better choice. Except for Cpanel crontrol panel, resellers will own one WebHost Manager control panel. You manage all accounts with your WHM control panel. Every account your create comes with it's own cPanel control panel, ftp, mail and all other access. You have the ability to configure plans any way you wish. You can choose which features, such as how much ftp/database/email, best suit your each accounts/customers.

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