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What is Private Nameservers?
Private Nameservers are Private Label DNS which are configured for your domain. These can be listed on the domain record of your customers domains when they are hosted by your hosting service.


With private nameservers, you can assign YOUR nameservers to your own domain, or the domain of your hosting clients when registering new domains with hosting, or when changing DNS records for hosting accounts you setup for your own clients.

You can host your company site or your client sites using your own personalised nameservers and You can host any number of sites using the nameservers without any additional cost.

Private Nameservers are an optional service. We have annonymous nameservers for example (This is Just Example). nameservers are free to use by our resellers which are listed in your welcome email. With personalised nameservers, you can use your own domain name instead of domain name.

The advantage of your own private nameserver is when some one take whois of domain hosted with your private nameservers will see your company '' instead of our annonymous nameservers

We provide all resellers private nameservers ( for free.

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