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How do I use FrontPage to publish my site?
Before you can publish your web site with FrontPage, you must create your new web on the "localhost" system. This is accomplished by selecting "create new web," and then entering "localhost" in the line where it asks for the web location. Make sure that the main page of your website is named "index.htm". Once you have completed your web on your computer, you can then select the "publish web" option from the file menu in FrontPage Explorer. You will be prompted for your IP address and web name and then it will send it to our servers. Please note that you will be prompted for a user ID and password, and depending on your system configuration it may be the one that we issued you or it may be the one that you entered when you first installed FrontPage. If one does not work, then simply try the other. If you have forgotten what that password was, then you will need to reinstall FrontPage and select a new one.

NOTE: If you are using FrontPage, you should NEVER use regular FTP to upload your files. This will damage the extensions. Stick with one or the other all the time.

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